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Scheduled Trigger Flow in Salesforce

Hi Readers!

This post is part of the Flow series to help Salesforce Admins automate business processes using Flow.

Let's start writing/creating the Scheduled Trigger Flow, by following the below steps. Our outcome is going to be something like after the case is closed, we are going to ask for feedback from the user, but not at the time of case closure. We will be sending an email to the customer at a specific time of the day.

To Create any type of flow we need to go to the Flow. (Setup -> Platform Tools -> Process Automation -> Flow)

While creating the new flow, we need to select the option "Schedule-Triggered Flow".

If you land on the Auto layout, you will see two options

1) Set Schedule

2) Choose Object (Optional)

In the Set Schedule option, you can select the start date and the exact start time which is predefined by the difference of 15 mins in between. Also, the frequency needs to be set as you want to execute it once, daily, or weekly.

In the Choose Object, you can select any object or keep it blank.

In our case, we will send the feedback email at 8 PM IST daily.

Now we are ready to add the elements to the flow.

We will start adding elements starting by decision element so that we can differentiate the cases which are closed today.

The next element we will be using is "Action" to send an email. We need to add that to the Yes outcome of the Decision.

Once we set the below details such as Body, Subject, and Recipient addresses, we are ready to activate the flow.

If needed, we can test the flow using debug function.

Thanks for reading ...

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